Here are the absolute best Seinfeld episodes

Television entertainment is a favorite pastime for many and when it comes to sitcoms, there are so many memorable sitcoms too numerous to count. One sitcom that was a fan favorite and ranked high in the list of many Seinfeld which ran on NBC between 1989-1998. For those who didn’t have the privilege of watching it, Seinfeld is set in an apartment in Upper West Manhattan, New York starring Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Julia Dreyfus and Michael Richards. It focuses on mundane daily life and was created by Jerry and Larry Seinfeld.

It ran for 9 seasons with a total of 180 episodes. Sitcoms which run for that long tend to lose public interest along the line but Seinfeld was a cinematic beauty which captured the imagination of viewers for almost a decade. It is quite difficult to pick out a best episode out of the 180 episodes released; and every Seinfeld fan is entitled to his preferences but there are some episodes many will agree as being quite entertaining. Here are a few unforgettable episodes from a truly unforgettable sitcom.

Season 3 ( The Subway): The scene where the Cop catches the mugger attempting to steal Krammer’ winnings is a favorite for many Seinfeld fans. What makes it even more appealing is the background applause which doesn’t reflect the shows established disinterest towards emotional sentiments. The Subway is an entertaining piece of television theater.

Season 5 ( The Opposite): Krammer meeting Kathie Lee and Regis is a scene that draws out inspiration from every pore of the viewer. Seinfeld’ attempts at transforming fantasies into reality is brought to the fore in this episode. To get what we want we ought to do certain things in a certain way right? But what if doing exactly the opposite will get us exactly what we crave? One of the funniest scenes is when Elaine eventually realizes that she has “ become George”.

Season 4 ( The Contest): One of my most favourite Seinfeld quotes yet is Estelle’ innuendo when saying she found her son treating his body like an amusement park when she caught him masturbating. In the Contest, the show uses euphemisms to pass suggestive comments about issues of sex and masturbation. This 22 minutes piece is loaded with funny innuendos and expressions that is rare in modern day comedy sitcoms.

Season 5 (The Hamptons): Thus Episode reeks of misfortune and revenge. George experiences series of misfortunes which he cant seem to avoid; the Hamptons is a bitter sweet tale of suffering and getting recompense against the cause of one’ frustrations. In the end there is a comedic twist to it all when he has his faced slammed by a tomato. Very funny.

Season 4 (The Old man): Caring for the elderly is a task not every caregiver is passionate about and the Old man episode simplifies this. George, Elaine and Jerry get volunteer jobs to care for the elderly but only Elaine does her part diligently and is rewarded in the process. Jerry exploits the e elder who he is charged to tend while George get s fired from his job. One thing that makes Seinfeld a masterpiece is its exposure of the dark and exploitative side of society and upholds a moral sense of justice even with so much laughter.

Season 8 (The Summer of George): How about relaxing yourself to death in order to escape the toils and storms of life after your earthly pilgrimage. The season 8 finale is a controversial scene among Seinfeld enthusiast who didn’t see any need to continue the series after this episode. The Summer of George points out the short- terminism of life and delivers a subtle verdict on the burning social issue of “ willful suicide” without necessarily taking sides.